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Biological Sciences Consulting Services

Contact me for solutions for your short-term or project-specific R&D needs.

I have broad organizational and managerial capabilities in the daily operation of a research laboratory, particularly in a cell culture facility. I offer expertise in experimental planning, execution, data analysis and interpretation based on:

➣ More than 25 years’ international R&D experience in immunoassay development and validation, vaccine development, cell biology and immunology projects

➣ Experience in a wide variety of laboratories which will ensure quick integration into the existing team and timely results production

➣ Broad technical experience with immunoassays, cell-based assays and common biological laboratory techniques

As an experienced and independent researcher in the biological sciences, I provide services for new or ongoing projects:

➣ Perform literature searches and apply practical problem-solving solutions to establish new protocols, and review and improve existing methods

➣ Plan and estimate costs for resources, equipment and consumables purchases

➣ Provide experimental time-line estimates

➣ Provide document preparation in English

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